• Herd of large eland walking through a field of yellow flowers

5 Highlights From Our Latest Trip to Tuli Wilderness' Serolo Safari Camp

Posted on Wed February 22, 2023 in Destination Focus.

In this blog post, we will share our five most memorable moments from our recently hosted safari to Tuli Wilderness' Serolo's Safari Camp - one of Botswana's best-kept wilderness secrets.

Are you looking for an unforgettable safari adventure? Look no further than Tuli Wilderness' Serolo Safari Camp! Our recent safari to this part of Botswana was filled with so many amazing experiences that none of us will ever forget. Here are our Top 5 Highlights From Our Latest Trip to Tuli Wilderness' Serolo Safari Camp.

1. Exclusive wilderness oasis.

Safari Vehicle in field of yellow Devil's Thorns

(Photo: Margaux Langley)

Tuli Wilderness' private and exclusive 24 000 acre concession is situated in the southeastern corner of Botswana, in the Tuli Block. The ‘Block’ describes the large piece of land, some 10km to 20km wide and more than 350km, running from north to south. As we were able to book out the whole camp on an exclusive-use basis, we really had this wilderness area to ourselves. On the game drive, we only ever saw one other group of safarigoers, further adding to the feeling of us being in a remote and unspoiled wilderness region.

2. Magnificent landscapes.

(Photo: Margaux Langley)

From rocky outcrops to lush green riverine forests along the banks of the Limpopo river, to the open savannah plains clothed in fields of golden yellow Devil Thorn flowers, this contrasting landscape is a photographer's heaven with each turn in the road providing new and interesting scenery to be captured. We can really recommend visiting this spectacular part of Botswana during the rainy season.

3. Spectacular sightings.

(Photo: Margaux Langley)

The Tuli Block is not a "Big 5" area, but the region has incredible mammal and bird species diversity. We were treated to incredible encounters with elephants and lions, and sightings of general game species such as zebras, wildebeest, impala, kudu, baboons, black-backed jackals, spotted hyenas, and Cape Eland was added to our list. We even managed to find bat-eared foxes and springhares- both species which can be rare and elusive.  

Birding highlights included seeing Tropical Boubou, Saddle-billed storks, Kori Bustards, Grey-headed Kingfishers, Meve's Starling, Meyer's Parrots, Red-capped Larks, and Temmninck's Coursers. 

4. Adventures galore.

(Photo: Magnus Linnè)

February is part of the rainy season in Southern Africa, and with the clay soils getting wet, we really had a couple of muddy adventures. This really contributed to the excitement of coming on safari. We got stuck on more than one occasion, but through teamwork and expertise, we were able to get ourselves out of this tricky situation in no time. 

The resident guides are really experienced in navigating the rocky terrain with their trusty Landrovers, and we were driving amongst incredible rocky outcrops and through numerous riverbeds in search of animals.

5. Dining under the stars.

Chef Kennedy and his team were able to share their lovingly prepared cuisine, and on our final evening, we were treated to a surprise bush dinner in the middle of the reserve. A lovely three-course meal was enjoyed under a canopy of starry constellations, and with a roaring fire and candles lighting the area, we were able to share in the day's safari adventures with a glass of wine in hand. 

Our stay at Tuli Wilderness was an unforgettable experience. From the comfortable accommodations and friendly staff to the amazing wildlife sightings, we truly felt like we were in paradise. With its stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife, it's no wonder this location is one of Africa's hidden gems.

We would highly recommend a visit here for anyone looking for an adventure-filled safari holiday that won't soon be forgotten. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or an exciting family vacation, Tuli Wilderness' Serolo Safari Camps Safari Lodge has something to offer everyone! So come explore this incredible destination with us and create memories to last a lifetime!