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March Madness: Notes from the field

Posted on Sat March 23, 2024.

Hey there, fellow Safari Adventurers!

Pull up a seat and get ready to dive into the wild world of Hylton Langley Safaris.

March has been a whirlwind of excitement as we explored the enchanting Kruger National Park with some amazing guests from across the World.

With the seasons in flux and nature putting on a show, our guests had the time of their lives discovering the magic of Africa's untamed beauty. So, grab a cuppa, and let's reminisce about the incredible sighting highlights and unforgettable moments that made March one for the books!

A Rare Encounter: Temminck's Ground Pangolin

Temminck's Ground Pangolin by Margaux Langley

During an early morning drive in Kruger National Park, an extraordinary encounter unfolded – one that few are lucky enough to witness. While traversing the grassy plains, our group was fortunate to stumble upon the elusive Temminck's Ground Pangolin.

This nocturnal and rare creature, known for its unique armor-like scales and elusive nature, appeared in broad daylight, a rare occurrence indeed! To highlight the rarity of this sighting, it was Margaux's first encounter with a pangolin in Kruger National Park, despite living and guiding within the reserve for over 17 years!

The Temminck's pangolin is among the four African pangolin species, with a distribution spanning from northern South Africa to East Africa, including parts of Sudan and Chad. It is the second-largest pangolin species, typically weighing between 7 to 12 kg and reaching lengths of up to 1.2 meters. Classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, Temminck's pangolin faces population declines.

Our group fell into a hushed silence as we marveled at this rare sighting, a true testament to the conservation efforts aimed at protecting this remarkable species.

The white lioness and cubs galore

The white lioness of the Birmingham pride taken by Margaux Langley

During a multi-day safari in the central parts of Kruger National Park, we had the incredible opportunity to encounter the renowned Birmingham Pride near Orpen Gate. What sets this pride apart is the presence of two snow-white members, a rarity in the park where only four white lions exist.

This unique phenomenon is called "Leucism," a genetic condition causing partial pigmentation loss in animals. Unlike albinism, where melanin is completely absent, animals with leucism may retain some pigment in their eyes or other body parts.

We spotted an adult female and a white cub amongst the pride, observing them as they leisurely strolled along a game trail and drank from a pool before disappearing into the bush. It was a momentous sighting that left us beaming from ear to ear.

Wild Dog Chase: A Memorable Safari Finale

The endangered African Wild dog at play by Margaux Langley

One of our guests, a seasoned safari-goer with a particular longing to spot the highly endangered African Wild Dog, joined us for an adventure in Kruger National Park.

With their population in the park totaling less than 250 and their vast roaming grounds, we understood the rarity of such an encounter.

However, luck favored us on our last morning as we stumbled upon a pack near Tamboti Camp. The pack created quite a spectacle, engaging in a chase with a brave blue wildebeest bull. In a surprising turn of events, the wildebeest stood its ground and even chased the dogs, resulting in a comical scene reminiscent of a cat-and-mouse game. Our guests couldn't have been happier, capturing thousands of photos to etch this unforgettable encounter into memory.

The Essence of Hylton Langley Safaris

At Hylton Langley Safaris, our mission transcends mere wildlife excursions. We strive to craft immersive experiences that foster a deep connection with nature, nurturing a profound appreciation for its wonders. Led by our expert guides, whose unparalleled knowledge and passion for conservation illuminate every step of the journey, our guests embark on adventures through Africa's untamed wilderness.

Book a safari with us today and allow us to showcase the marvels of Africa – we eagerly await the opportunity to share this unforgettable adventure with our guests! Reach us at [email protected].

See you in the bush!

Margaux & Hylton Langley