• Safari vehicle and tourists viewing an elephant in the Chobe Game Reserve in Botswana.

Unveiling the Ultimate Safari: Hylton Langley Safaris' Most-Requested Destinations in 2024

Posted by Margaux on Mon January 15, 2024 in Travel trends and Destination Focus.

Embarking on a safari is a journey into the heart of nature, a chance to witness the raw beauty of wildlife and immerse oneself in the untamed landscapes. At Hylton Langley Safaris, we understand that each guest seeks a unique adventure, and we take pride in curating experiences that cater to diverse preferences and desires.

As we enter 2024, let's explore the most requested safari destinations, ranked from low to high, based on our guests' preferences and booking inquiries for the coming year.

Ngorongoro Crater:

Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania is a geological wonder and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This natural amphitheater, formed by the collapse of a volcano, provides a habitat for a diverse range of wildlife. Guests are drawn to the unique blend of savannah, forests, and the alkaline Lake Magadi. A visit to a local Maasai Manyatta or homestead also offers visitors a greater cultural understanding of the local tribe that inhabits the Crater Rim. Although it ranks lowest on our guest request list, the Ngorongoro Crater offers an intimate safari experience, with the chance to spot the Big Five and witness the annual migration of wildebeest.

A herd of zebras grazing peacefully in the Ngorongoro Crater. © Margaux Langley

Chobe Game Reserve:

Nestled along the Chobe River in Botswana, Chobe Game Reserve is renowned for its staggering elephant population and diverse ecosystems. Guests at Hylton Langley Safaris often express their fascination with the riverfront, where wildlife congregates to drink and play. Boat safaris provide a unique perspective, allowing visitors to witness the abundant aquatic life while enjoying the picturesque landscapes.

Game viewing from the Chobe River © Margaux Langley

Cape Town and the Vineyards:

While not traditionally a safari destination, Cape Town in South Africa has become an integral part of our guests' itineraries. The city's cosmopolitan charm, combined with the stunning backdrop of Table Mountain, provides a perfect blend of urban exploration and natural beauty, and it's a great way to ease into a Southern African Safari.

Cape Town Sunset © Jaman Asad


This expansive ecosystem is synonymous with the Great Migration, a spectacle that draws visitors from around the globe and holds the second spot on our list. Our guests yearn for the chance to witness the dramatic river crossings, vast herds of wildebeest, and the predator-prey interactions that unfold during this natural phenomenon. The Serengeti offers an unparalleled safari experience, capturing the essence of the African wilderness.

Guests experience an up-close lion sighting in the Serengeti. © Margaux Langley

Kruger National Park and surrounding Private Nature Reserves:

Topping the charts as the most requested safari destination in 2024 is the Kruger National Park and the surrounding game reserves, one of Africa's most iconic wildlife reserves. Guests are captivated by the vastness of the park, home to an incredible array of flora and fauna. The chance to witness predators in action, diverse landscapes, and the thrill of a night safari contribute to Kruger's popularity among our safari enthusiasts.

Open Safari vehicle guides ensure exceptional game viewing at one of the private nature reserves adjacent to the Kruger National Park. © Margaux Langley

At Hylton Langley Safaris, we pride ourselves on curating unforgettable experiences tailored to our guests' desires. Whether it's the ancient allure of Ngorongoro Crater, the riverside charm of Chobe Game Reserve, the cosmopolitan allure of Cape Town, the iconic landscapes of Kruger National Park, or the unparalleled drama of the Serengeti, our 2024 safari destinations promise awe-inspiring encounters with nature.